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The Abstract Challenge (27)

asciimation by sepehrnoor, 04.07.2014

04.07.2014 23:52

by CTDSThree

04.07.2014 23:57

by AweAndWonder

Awesome effects!
05.07.2014 11:43

by Gameinsky

something about it screams tetris. eh.
05.07.2014 15:28

by AweAndWonder

I'm volunteering Gameinsky to be next! :P
05.07.2014 15:38

by sepehrnoor

@Gameinsky: Could it perhaps be the... falling blocks? :D
05.07.2014 19:50

by CTDSThree

I'm in the middle of being next actually...

My first comment says so...
05.07.2014 19:50

by CTDSThree

Please let me finish mine!
06.07.2014 09:40

by AweAndWonder

Sorry, I'm a dumb-dumb.  I didn't see your first comment.
07.07.2014 03:31

by CTDSThree

OK dumb-dumb. Give me some gum-gum.

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