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ASCIImators Battle (333)

asciimation by gecko.jsc, 22.06.2014

23.06.2014 00:42

by CTDSThree

26.06.2014 23:39

by MyO

Nice trick. =)
27.06.2014 02:26

by Gameinsky

Yes please CTDS, everyone takes less than a day to make an entry. Why do yours take so long?
27.06.2014 02:27

by Gameinsky

Wait, last visit 25/6

I'd say go for it, MyO
27.06.2014 13:40

by CTDSThree

I HAD TO GO TO BED (there's the caps lock key) and I am trying to remind nyself to get on it. While keeping up on my Transformice, other Atelier 101 games, Face book, while having a nosebleed making it hard to type, recently recovered from 1 and 1/2 migraine headaches.
27.06.2014 13:43

by AweAndWonder

If he's already started working on it, I think we should give him more time.  I'd be a hypocrite not to say this.  lol
27.06.2014 13:47

by CTDSThree

Well, I recovered from my bloody nose for now.

I'll get right to work on it.
27.06.2014 15:20

by Gameinsky

welp, if you are having problems that prevent you from completing it faster than expected, do let us know, it would help a lot.

It's just that, it's twice that you dibs really quickly on the next part, take a week to make it, and then it ends up being something underwhelming...

While everyone else is able to make his version an hour after he calls for the next part. (One exception is AweAndWonder, but I wouldn't lie if I said that the amount of effort she puts in makes it worth the wait)
28.06.2014 21:58

by CTDSThree

meh, i don't even care now,

besides, i have a storyline i'm saving

whoever wants to be next is next! :D
03.07.2014 19:50

by MyO

Then I will be next. =)

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