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Dragonphase's new avatar!

asciimation by Dragonphase, 15.06.2014

15.06.2014 22:27

by Gameinsky

So whatever happened to you -°- ? or your '°' ?

I am so confused. You have changed looks at least 4 times.
16.06.2014 00:46

by Dragonphase

Just want something a little more ordinary for a change.
23.08.2014 14:36

by CTDS3

Wow amazin you should make a dragon
24.08.2014 18:36

by CTDSThree


OK, Jig's up, Al! Try not to comment on asciimations with my approval! You just posted an edited version of one of my old ASCIImator battle entries, but with the word "poop" at the end! You got the asciimators all confused with it being me! Listen, we need to have a discussion about how this "shared account" thing works.

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