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Trailer for an upcoming proyect

asciimation by Zeus guy, 31.05.2014

31.05.2014 12:20

by Gameinsky

Your trailer fails to do the most important thing a trailer must do.

Explain what it's talking about xD
31.05.2014 19:18

by Zeus guy

Nah it's not that important

It's just to add surprise or whatever idk
02.06.2014 02:22

by AweAndWonder

*Teaser trailer :P
11.06.2014 18:54

by karaboz

I'm intrigued (=
15.06.2014 20:26

by Dragonphase

Happy golden!
15.06.2014 22:26

by Gameinsky

Happy golden!
18.06.2014 22:04

by Zeus guy

Wait, wha-


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