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ASCIImators Battle (326)

asciimation by CTDS3, 22.05.2014

23.05.2014 00:22

by Gameinsky

What the heck is this monstrosity...
23.05.2014 06:51

by AweAndWonder

ASCIImatorsBattle.exe has stopped responding.
23.05.2014 16:56

by CTDSThree

I like weird glitchy things. :)

And last night I had a very weird dream about this site:
Whenever I went to another page, I was signed in as a different person each time, and when I went to "my" page, it had no ASCIImations on it. :S
23.05.2014 19:57

by CTDSThree

who will go next so i don't have to start a war between myself...
24.05.2014 12:11

by Gameinsky

I'd like to, but school is keeping me busy.
I believe the same is happening to the others.
24.05.2014 13:46

by CTDSThree

One, I'm allowed to use ASCIImator at school.
Two, school just ended yesterday for me.
24.05.2014 13:46

by CTDSThree

09.08.2016 13:39

by CTDSThree

1001 views! KEWL

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