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ASCIImators Battle (325)

asciimation by CTDSThree, 14.05.2014

21.05.2014 16:21

by CTDSThree

i can't believe this is happening
it's so embarrassing D:
22.05.2014 15:58

by CTDS3

Can SOMEone continue this?
22.05.2014 17:26

by Gameinsky

Oh, this was DONE?
I didn't look like the animation was finished.
22.05.2014 20:51

by CTDSThree

I wasn't willing to cope with making an epic intro using an old computer running win7... that WON'T SAVE... so I just cut it off and let someone be able to raid it and put it back on the arena. See my comment on the one before this.
22.05.2014 22:48

by CTDS3

well, looks liek i'm goin' next >:)

#69 gave me an idea >:))

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