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ASCIImators Battle (324)

asciimation by Gameinsky, 14.05.2014

14.05.2014 20:58

by CTDSThree

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18.05.2014 23:41

by Gameinsky

So uhm, how's that thing going?
19.05.2014 01:02

by CTDSThree


I'm making, like, an intro for ASCIIMators battle game wise, and it could take some time, so I'm getting back to that. Hurrying as fast as I can :)

21.05.2014 15:45

by CTDSThree

Alright this is taking too long, I'm just gonna put my idea on a separate asciimation and put it on now.
21.05.2014 16:20

by CTDSThree

AGH, now this computer won't save my progress!!!
(I'm using one of the bad school computers again :/)

What the heck, I'll just publish it like it is, someone can just raid the unfinished ASCIImation and make it their battle part...

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