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ASCIImators Battle (321)

asciimation by Gameinsky, 13.05.2014

13.05.2014 20:53

by CTDSThree

I own Win7, it's just the school computers in one room are XP, and I happened to be at that room.

So yes, I'm a C3, and I use Windows 7 too.
13.05.2014 20:55

by CTDSThree

Oh, also? I'm going next.
23.06.2014 17:34

by MyO

Okay, this is an awesome glitch you did!
23.06.2014 17:41

by Gameinsky

Ohey MyO, you're back!
23.06.2014 17:56

by MyO

Guess I am. =) Thank you for the message.
Is there a chance I can donate to Asie for doing such a swell job?

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