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ASCIImators Battle (311)

asciimation by Gameinsky, 10.05.2014

10.05.2014 20:37

by asiekierka

I'm next
10.05.2014 21:08

by CTDSThree

RULE 3!!!!!!!!!!!
10.05.2014 21:09

by Gameinsky

It was fixed already.
10.05.2014 21:17

by Zeus guy

I think he meant the other part of rule 3, the not editing previous frames thingy.

...And I'm afraid you did so, take a look at the last frame of the last one
10.05.2014 21:37

by CTDSThree

Yes. You edited the last couple of frames before yours.
10.05.2014 21:39

by asiekierka

Only the last one, and probably by accident, and I'm perfectly okay with that.

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