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asciimation by Gameinsky, 08.05.2014

10.05.2014 17:11

by rtnario

About time someone did an ASCII Arkanoid. :)
10.05.2014 20:20

by CTDSThree

You should make this open source so other people can make their own versions of your Arkanoid.
10.05.2014 20:44

by Gameinsky

I don't really see the point? It's so easy to reproduce that you don't need the source.
10.05.2014 21:13

by CTDSThree

13.05.2014 17:06

by CTDSThree

I found a way to make a block solid:

[̲̅ ]
left square bracket, combine a low line and overline in character map, copy/paste, space, right square bracket.
[̲̅P] [̲̅#]
like empty block, but substitute characters for space to fill combining characters.

I use this a lot for when I need something solid but want it to be more rounded instead of using box drawing characters. :)

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