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asciimation by asiekierka, 29.06.2013

29.06.2013 23:51

by Gameinsky

Asiekierka is still alive

                    still alive

                          still alive

No, seriously tho, glad to know someone else here hasn't forgotten about ASCIImator.
30.06.2013 12:07

by kelleroid

Hey. Blast from the past.

I mean, I didn't quite forget its existance (it's on my homepage multi-choice thingy). It just takes quite some time and dedication for a quality animation.
30.06.2013 22:00

by sepehrnoor

[VGH] Hi.
02.07.2013 13:42

by Ascimator

Oh wow. Hai.
02.07.2013 13:44

by Ascimator

About being still alive - I rarely muster up determination needed to sit in place for a few hours to asciimate, but I got something new started like a month ago and will maybe finish it when I get super bored of everything that distracts me.
04.07.2013 23:52

by CTDSThree

Woo to the hoo!
10.05.2014 17:15

by rtnario

That falling animation.

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