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Spambots raid the forum!

asciimation by skipperthepenguin100, 01.06.2013

02.06.2013 02:41

by sepehrnoor

A while before captcha was added to Asciimator, the forums were a shitstorm of spam. A shitstorm, I tell you. The spam now is nothing compared to then.
Kudos to karaboz/brutto/asie(?) for adding the captcha. Saved us a whole lotta trouble.
02.06.2013 11:49

by Gameinsky

Hmm, could post on ASCIImlator facebook page, karaboz will be notified immediately.
29.06.2013 21:19

by sepehrnoor

Karaboz is a guy. So is brutto. And they're brothers.
29.06.2013 21:24

by CTDSThree

No, he won't. K hasn't been on in a long time. There's a slim chance of him suddenly *poofing* from an asteroid and bring asciimator to being a seemingly great place.

There! Fixed.
29.06.2013 21:28

by CTDSThree

Maybe captcha was taken care of by some people, an then they release the bots? just sayin...
29.06.2013 22:30

by Gameinsky

some bots have captcha reading abilities.

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