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ASCIImators Battle (289)

asciimation by Zeus guy, 27.05.2013

27.05.2013 19:30

by CTDSThree

Dat wuz quick
27.05.2013 19:32

by CTDSThree

I did not break rule seven!
27.05.2013 19:32

by CTDSThree

27.05.2013 20:17

by skipperthepenguin100

Guys, it's time we will remove everything except the very last frame, that means we will make a new episode!
27.05.2013 20:19

by skipperthepenguin100

and i mistakenly added the false full episode category, it's going to be "asciimator battle 3 full episode", not "asciimator(s) battle 3 full episode"
27.05.2013 21:21

by Zeus guy


We MUST wait until 1000 frames and that tag MUST be added on that last one.

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