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The Abstract Challenge (17)

asciimation by Gameinsky, 15.05.2013

16.05.2013 15:38

by CTDSThree

What have I done? Nobody does ASCIImator battle anymore. It's so stupid! If they stop AC, then ASCIIbattle continues. If I continue it, then ASCIIbattle stops. *bangs head on the wall over 9000 times*
16.05.2013 17:55

by Gameinsky

it may not be a bad thing that we're taking a break of ASCIImator battle, I had no idea how to contribute to it anymore, so this is good to get thoughts of for a while... we can always continue ASCIIbattle later.
It went through 3 installments and the third one is bigger than the 1st and 2nd combined (95 + 5 + 77 = 177 which is almost 100 less than we are at 3)
25.05.2013 16:24

by AweAndWonder

CTDS, I didn't want AC to stop to begin with!

The two challenges aren't mutually exclusive, ya know.

I'd contribute to either challenge, but my computer isn't exactly working right now.  The page would crash before I could save.

btw, this is looking really awesome!  Great job guys!
25.05.2013 17:16

by CTDSThree

well, *sigh* looks like I'm going next

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