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ASCIImators Battle (269)

asciimation by CTDSThree, 06.05.2013

11.05.2013 02:17

by CTDSThree

Somebody must g next
16.05.2013 15:42

by CTDSThree

Continue this. NOW. Or I will have to make an ad on Abstract challenge. I really will do that. Also, you must eat my cheese for a week. *Jk.* Asciimator. Tokyo. Drawer. Goldfinch. Bread. Television...
16.05.2013 22:02

by MyO

Somebody needs an anti-randomness injection. ;) I am next.
17.05.2013 16:42

by CTDSThree

:D. You killed T-kats creator D:*DUCKS*
17.05.2013 16:51

by MyO

I. Do. Not. Kill.
He was teleported to The Abstract half of the asciiroid.

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