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ASCIImators Battle (226)

asciimation by sepehrnoor, 20.06.2012

20.06.2012 09:45

by Zeus guy

And cool effects!
20.06.2012 13:01

by Gameinsky

Ah shoo, I wanted to go next.
I'm after zeus guy.
06.07.2012 03:58

by Anathema

I'm after liv :D
06.07.2012 14:57

by Gameinsky

err, zeus guy hasn't been one for a while?
07.07.2012 13:57

by Gameinsky

Ok I say Anathema shall go next (I'll go after ana)
27.07.2012 20:27

by Zeus guy

I was too lazy for it, i guess i'll do it the next time...
12.09.2012 16:33

by MyO

You didn't? TOO BAD.

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