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im lovin it!

asciimation by klu, 28.12.2004

06.07.2005 01:19

by ponyhead

somehow it makes me want McDonald's...
08.07.2005 21:45

by Noxus/Nightmare

No, mom, don't give into the hype!
06.08.2005 23:51

by Noxus/Nightmare

its hard to belive this is the first
26.03.2006 15:45

by guest

08.07.2006 22:30

by strongbad150

Whoa! It's like the letters are rising from the ground. And
we all know why it makes us want to go to McDonald's.
24.03.2007 10:17

by rtnario

Wow. The first. Hmm, I wonder what happened to klu...
10.04.2007 04:34

by cfive

Does that answer your question? =)
08.07.2007 22:22

by Ponky

hmm.. good..
13.08.2007 17:46

by cfive

I just thought of something, was klu a beta tester? because
not only is this the first, but he registered before
02.02.2008 07:40

by asiekierka

maybe he created asciimator, then karaboz and brutto took on the development.
02.02.2008 08:43

by ddgc (AFK Forever)

asciimator was registered on Dec 28 2004.
This is one day after the site was made.
karaboz came in on 1/1/05.
01.03.2008 04:09

by cfive

01.03.2008 04:10

by cfive

But maybe the fact that neither (well, none if you count trash, but where's he?) of the admins have even COMMENTED on this and that once KLU (kill-u?) was seen on the website late last year = hmm...... THIS IS ILLEGAL U KNOW!
07.03.2008 11:09

by Bluesboyjr

22.12.2008 10:13

by asiekierka

I think klu is karabrutto's account. Note the obvious sign of "=)"!
07.05.2009 10:53

by Neon-J

And i still accidentally go to this ASCIImation to this day.
12.06.2009 16:18

by Brolling

This was the first ASCIImation!
23.09.2009 23:26

by Neon-J

I have GOT to stop accidentally going on this ASCIImation.
25.09.2009 14:04

by origamiguy

^ +1
24.01.2010 15:43

by Neon-J

After 6 months, STILL accidentally turning up on this ASCIImation.
24.01.2010 17:02

by Gameinsky

damn, you made me go on it
31.01.2010 15:57

by Neon-J

And I shall do it again!
31.01.2010 16:13

by Gameinsky

thank you very much...
19.02.2010 02:12

by Ratfink

Yes, this is subliminal messaging at its best.  Please note, however, that there shouldn't be an apostrophe in its in that case, as that is a contraction of "it is."  Also, I don't think that tag can be removed.
24.04.2010 15:10

by Gameinsky

You made me do it again!
28.07.2010 20:03

by -7

I found this through random asciimations!
10.02.2011 15:50

by Neon-J

Ratfink, the word "it's" always has an apostraphie, no matter what. -.-
11.02.2011 19:57

by Gameinsky

apostraphie ?
Don't you mean "apostrophe" You're right thought.
It's is always spelled like that.
20.04.2011 11:18

by Gameinsky

actually, now I know that "its" is written like this if it's refered as the genitive of the third person.

It's its car.
(it is his car)
26.06.2011 12:47

by sepehrnoor

Same as 7Games7.
"I don't give monkeys."
02.12.2015 02:35

by CTDSThree

REALLY? The first ever asciimation on is a freakin' mcDolan's ad?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02.12.2015 02:36

by CTDSThree

Weird that this was actually made on my second birthday!
09.08.2016 21:44

by CTDSThree

this asciimation just came up on the front page XD
what if it was one of the asciimator logos XDDDDD

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