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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
Simple, but effective
tag list: contest:clock
06.09.2011 00:03
by  AweAndWonder

Would look cooler and more fluid if there were frames in between.
06.09.2011 16:11
by  Gameinsky

me likes!
A bit slow thought, but it's a style :)
06.09.2011 17:58
by  sepehrnoor

I like it =)
And ASCIImator is sleepy again :P
06.09.2011 20:06
by  kelleroid

Dammit I just wanna make something, I'm gonna go rewatch my older animations and get some

random.PWNAGE and ASCIImator, here I come again!

(hope I get more free time than last year)
06.09.2011 20:54
by  Gameinsky

06.09.2011 22:59
by  AweAndWonder

Well, I guess to each his/her own.  Yeah, I suppose it does have a kind of charm.

Awesome!  I should too.  The site really needs to wake up.  Maybe this weekend  I can finally finish
that ASCIImation I promised you. :P
07.09.2011 11:29
by  Gameinsky

I'm not really in the mood to make ASCIimations, i was messing around with a concept of
stickmen fighting on an Essay and using it to fight...

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