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No comments. That also was probably the finest asciimation yet i made.
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28.02.2010 12:00
by  dominator

Congratulations, you have beat me. =)
Nice fan, btw.
28.02.2010 15:43
by  Ratfink

Okay, but you need to make the fan keep turning while he's talking.  Also, the text changes too
quickly (for me, at least).  4/5
28.02.2010 17:06
by  Gameinsky

Yup, this asciimation clearly lags, or is just not detailled enough :\
28.02.2010 17:13
by  Credit

You want 300 frames for no reason?

I could do it, but because i didn`t, i made it look like the fan is buggy and the bug is fixed when
its hid by the rock.
02.03.2010 13:45
by  kelleroid

Use frame delays.
03.03.2010 22:04
by  Credit

Why do you keep spamming all my asciimations telling to use the frame delays? You`d better not say
it`s the number in right lower corner of the frame...
04.03.2010 11:40
by  Neon-J

It's not spam - it's constructive criticism. But yeah, 300 frames where the fan actually
moves properly > 111 frames where the fan is buggy.
04.03.2010 11:56
by  Credit

But what are these frame delays if not the number of times the frame should repeat?

And yeah, even through i turned red, i do not feel i really did.
05.03.2010 13:41
by  Credit

I have been recently occupied by fixing the fan. So far it doesn`t disrupt the time only for the
first sentence. I could not continue repairing it because it cut off one of my arms and it will take
time to charge my magic powers to restore it.
05.03.2010 13:47
by  Credit

I have also modded it to animate slightly slower when the spinning animation is in the middle. I
need feedback to make sure it doesn`t seem like it doesn`t rotate only in one direction...
05.03.2010 16:07
by  Gameinsky

can I do it instead ? then I will make a open animation you can take, you trash the old one and take
mine :D and thzen I will trash mine.
06.03.2010 09:52
by  Credit

All my trademarks are belong to me!

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