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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
You need to look at it to know my new look
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16.01.2009 15:33
by  origamiguy

nice, but is gonna make it harder to find the right symbols for things like asciimators world,
battle, etc.
16.01.2009 16:07
by  gecko.jsc

I was going to say you could get the Í by pressing shift altgr and I, but it's an l, not and
I, and I have no ídea about the shortcut for Ộ.

I'll tell you what í do when ASCIImating with ANSI chars.
My brother gave me an extra monitor, so on one screen I have a special notepad doc with all the
useful chars and creatures and stuff that I might want to put into the 'mation, then on the
other screen I have ASCIImator! That way I can easily drag and drop and copy and paste stuff into my
16.01.2009 17:49
by  asiekierka

I'll tell you what I would do
Make a "dummy stickman", based on my old look
Then use find&replace to change my old guy into the new guy.

Anyway, I've got to change a bit of my ASCIIs. :D
16.01.2009 18:24
by  gecko.jsc

Now THAT'S an idea!
17.01.2009 01:29
by  cfive

Cool, it looks like a guy with a bowler and a goatee.
24.01.2009 00:02
by  Dragonphase

Technology these days... what ever happened to the ordinary non-french/spanish/italian/(other
languages) letters that make up the author body? its Í and É and Ó and Á and Ú now... with
dashes above them...

You look like a guy with an Í and a miniature Poofy hat of reniessance on your head
02.02.2009 16:58
by  gecko.jsc

You can easily get my head by pressing AltGr and o.
It will appear like ó!

 ó    Hi dude!
/ \
03.02.2009 12:21
by  origamiguy

or use start>all programs>accessories>system tools>character map
03.02.2009 13:31
by  asiekierka

I use it all the time!


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