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What is it that mcinnis has against censuses??? I think they are fine. Especially the digital ones.
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11.12.2007 01:31
by  Flup

Heh, digital parchment.
13.12.2007 17:38
by  Dragonphase

Nah, i think he used a flame thrower to "END THE CENSUS" end the census census
13.12.2007 17:46
by  Dragonphase

oh wait it says in the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the th-WHACK!?!-
Tha-a-a-a-nks my digital provider-er-er-er must b-b-b-be mal-mal-function-ion-ing... it says in-n-n
the desc-scr-scription about the "("<- This is a quote mark)digital-al ceux... Que el

Can you figure out what "ceux" means, and what "Que el ад?!"
means... Tip: ceux is french, and the rest are in alternative languages (mixed up)
14.12.2007 12:22
by  rtnario

Hmm, you should've used the fire effects I saw on one ASCIImation...then a 5 ^^
15.12.2007 15:46
by  Bluesboyjr

Before doing this, you should have signed a census to end the Census to end Censuses!
15.12.2007 17:07
by  gecko.jsc

rtnario: I didn't make this to get high rating, I just made it to show that I like censuses and
I don't agree with mcinnis.

bluesboyjr: LOL!
16.12.2007 06:22
by  rtnario

Of course I knew that gecko (I may have been absent but I'm still me =D), it's just that
what you said was really true...most of them are dull...I guess I just wanted to see something shiny
this time around ^^
18.12.2007 21:52
by  cfive

20.12.2007 16:55
by  Bluesboyjr

I think you mean faeces. And this has nothing to do with the conservation.
24.12.2007 04:11
by  cfive


...They are my babies, don't touch them.

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