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nah... a resemblation of me...
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09.12.2007 07:36
by  asiekierka

Story (for ASCIImal movie):

Long ago, before dinosaurs or anything, there were 2 arrow kingdoms. One ruled by
"›", the other by "‹".
They were in war with each other, but then...

› said that peace should happen. ‹ agreed. They formed a king of both kingdoms,
Arrowkierka. Because of an experiment problem, there were 2.

Because those couldn't battle, my grand-grand-grandfather got them... and teached them all
sorts of battling. We leveled arrowkierkas... and we stopped now.

We will start again when somebody will beat our level 500 arrowkierka... He will be granted the
biggest prize, the second arrowkierka.
12.12.2007 17:03
by  Computergeek93

i have a level 501 % from %kierka lol. it looks cool (arrowkierka)
13.12.2007 05:23
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

post that in the forums.
(I already got a tidbit of the story, and this doesn't fit.)
13.12.2007 17:55
by  Dragonphase

you mean Great-Great-Grandfather
13.12.2007 17:55
by  Dragonphase

but great 'mation, Adrian
14.12.2007 07:48
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

but great comment, Rick

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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