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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
a few new added features to the ASCIImator pro... O/A means Other acsessories, like underline, italic, ect... Detail (below replace) changes the quality of the asciimation, from jagged (rugged, rough) to smooth (thin, best quality)... Frame multiplication lets you multiply the frame you are on by as much as you want instead of clicking the little box in the lower right hand side of the frame... Acsessorise (next to new, load save column) lets you add snazzy backgrounds with stars or hearts instead of the boring old "one color" background... you can add different things with this tool... there would be a drop-down menu when you click the acsessorise option, so if you want to add JUST stars or hearts, click on an option saying "Drag", then if you want to add a background, click another option saying "Background"... it may be detailed and YOU may think its hard to stick in one whole ASCIImation screen, but i have seen and been able to do things like this with very good games... take a game called "wone" for example...
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07.09.2007 16:50
by  gecko.jsc

nice art, nice idea, but 'tis no an animation. Nevertheless, I like it!

And I think they should add an option to add sounds, like a little box where you type the url of
sound and add it to that frame.

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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