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my 1st clock contest entry - fairly basic, but it works.
tag list: contest:clock
21.08.2007 19:31
by  mrazerty

Why is there so much black space at the right side and the
lower side...?Otherwise pretty good.
21.08.2007 19:56
by  origamiguy

fixed it, still some on right for gaps between numbers
21.08.2007 20:08
by  karaboz

origamiguy ciao! nice to see you here again! good clock, i
have added it on the contest page, it looks very holidayly
(= i's add a bold style to the font of your clock - it
seems to me that might make the clock even more holidayly
21.08.2007 20:31
by  origamiguy

yeh, i'm in canada
21.08.2007 20:39
by  karaboz

and what do you do there? (= where you from?
21.08.2007 20:55
by  origamiguy

i'm on holiday, from england. first holiday abroad, too.
i've been to quebec city, montreal, pembroke(small place),
huntsville(small place), and I am going to toronto on
saturday. i like.
21.08.2007 22:36
by  karaboz

first time!! it's cool! i am envious of you (= my the first
time abroad make me feeling astronaut on some undescovered
planet (=

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