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I traind my army to use lightning, my satellite sends a signal to the general, who orders his men to destroy the boxes, which is a bomb from the enemy... my men train their lightning skills like this
tag list: lightning war
In favorites of: cfive
10.08.2007 10:47
by  gecko.jsc

Your lighning is amazing.
10.08.2007 12:38
by  Dragonphase

Thanks i just had to hit my brother cos he said YOUR
lightning sucks on MY username while i went to the
toilet... your lightning on avatar is not that bad =)
18.08.2007 09:06
by  Ponky

Well using player.. it is obvious that Divinity Boys
lightening is not all that complex after all.. just some
lines an stuff.. it just happens to be the perfect amount
to make it look awsome.. :D

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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