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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
Asie-Robot revision 2 WIP. Starobot 2. Details unknown.
tag list: contest:robot
03.07.2007 19:49
by  Ponky

What can't it do..!!
Check out my Uber V1 manakin creator..!
04.07.2007 09:26
by  asiekierka

It can't read TXT files, play Pac-Man, Tetris is in
development, make manekins, BUT it can now destroy the
world with one button!
04.07.2007 12:19
by  Ponky

Yes unfortunate about the tetris.. I love that game.. And
pac-man is legendary..
I hope to make the Uber v2 Cheaper with more functions than
just manikin creating (although for the $8.35 you get a free
manikin and several small corn-dogs..!)
And I also hope to make it even more compact and the
ability to play more than pokemon! (It runs a very basic
Although where else in the universe can you buy a
self-sustaining life creator with a free set of corn-dogs
for under $10..!
Still yours is much better than minein most functions
because, well, yours doesn't RUN AWAY DOES HE UBER V1..!!
04.07.2007 14:53
by  asiekierka

Well... i built an easter egg. If it gets in contact with
any Uber, it explodes.
And my costs <$5!

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