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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
I decided to change the concept. Anyway, I'd rather not post it on the forum but I am entering the contest.
tag list: contest:clock
18.04.2007 11:58
by  karaboz

cfive! i changed frame order a little to match clock gear
logic and republic you ascimation here (above)... So only
this one is inserted an clock now - not your previouse
version! (=

p.s. I mean if you want to change smth - please edit this
18.04.2007 22:38
by  rtnario

Eh? Again? Oh yeah, the OS version. Still good, though =D
19.04.2007 00:11
by  cfive

19.04.2007 00:29
by  cfive

Also, I like how the front page now has a link to all the
clocks. =) =)
19.04.2007 23:42
by  cfive

karaboz, didn't you say something about being able to
dowload these?
22.04.2007 03:33
by  karaboz

Yes, I think I will add the special link to each clock.
clicking this link you will receive the special string
which you wil be able just to insert on your page (blog)...
As Youtube does. But I am afraid not all blogs will support
<script> tag... (the tag which will load javascript code)

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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