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meet ASCIImator Pro!

04.06.2007 02:05

We have finally decided to release not finished version because in other case it hard to keep everybody waiting for nothing (=

We didn't make a lot of things we had planned but nevertheless we are sure you will find a lot of sweet thing in this release too...

Pay attention to:

1. We changed the base principle of asciimation creating, now you can set the number of each frame repeat (no more lots frames with repeating content!)

2. Each frame can has it's own colors now, woah! (A lot of colours are available now, choose your favorite combinations)

3. It's possible to work with group of selected frames (use CTRL and SHIFT buttons to make a group)

4. Use Undo/Redo buttons and don't afraid to make something wrong any more, do experiences!

5. Use Copy/Paste buttons to quick asciimating

6. You can paste layers (as foreground or as background)

7. You can make replacement of chars in total asciimation at once!

8. We are sure we forgot somthing to talk about here...

Look help files inside ASCIImator Pro engine to get know how to do most of these things.
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