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Browsers compatibility problem is fixed! (part #2)

19.01.2005 06:27

Finally we fixed browsers compatibility broblem! From today almost all people all over the world can not only view asciimations publicated on www.asciimator.net, but also create, publish and export their own animated ascii!

We developed new improved online version of asciimator: ASCIIMATOR v.3.0-beta. Now it also supports Mozilla & Opera (besides IE)!

New option is available: font change abiliti.

Thanks all NODES which helped us in hard days. (=

P.S. Current version was tested with IE 6, Mozilla 1.6, Opera 7.23. Sometimes Opera gifts us with suddenly surprise. So this version of asciimator is beta while we try to fix the problem. We'd very glad to any help. All bugs report are welcome to@asciimator.net. Discussion is also available on alt.ascii news group.
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