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Ever wonder about the expression (Hole in the head)
tag list: face magic
In favorites of: Brolling cfive Ratfink
01.04.2007 10:50
by  brutto

wow, lgbeard is back! XD
nice to meet you with new asciimation ;)
01.04.2007 12:43
by  darkrae

Wow... Ultimate !!
02.04.2007 01:34
by  karaboz

lgbeard! you are here! it's wondeful!!! hahaha! (=
how are you? nice asciimation!

p.s. do you know - you can make .gif files from your
ascimation now to publish on your website?
04.04.2007 05:28
by  lgbeard

Doing Well, You ?

Been awhile. feels good to have the time to draw again.

Will keep it strictly text.

It has grown a little bit. Have put up some animations of
mine and from other folks along with some Japanese text


How do you add the addy to the profile ?
23.04.2007 02:45
by  cfive

OMG UR B4CK!!!!111!!!oneoneone!
15.07.2007 20:00
by  Ponky

12.06.2009 14:24
by  Brolling

OMG!!! Thats the best ASCIImation there i ever have seeing!
13.06.2009 12:29
by  Neon-J

If this is your favourite and best ASCIImation, you've seen very little of ASCIImator.  There
are much better.

But this is good nonetheless.
23.12.2011 14:09
by  CTDS3

*yawn* Good morning everyone! I don't know much about it, but a pretty good one. On a scale of
1 to 10, I would say a seven.
06.07.2014 23:36
by  CTDSThree

Ok, that is actually kinda disturbing...

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