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My first ever asciimation, in the form of a glitched-out fish... has finally made its return in a form with better frame size and color scheme!
...it's really not as much of a redux as it is a remake, but here you go! Enjoy the first thingy that marked my presence, if I didn't make any guestciis before that, in a new color!
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15.12.2017 20:20
by  dl2810

Hi, I saw your comment on https://www.asciimator.net/asciimation/9714, You said "worst game
ever", well, people have different opinions, and saying something bad as the only comment
doesn't help anyone, in all it just makes things worse, when that person got his first comment
and saw it was of hate, how did you think he felt? In all, why are you trying to fit in the bad side
of the community? Does it benefit you to put hatred onto others? You will see this, but most likely
not answer because you have no way to talk to that, just dont be like what you were doing.
20.12.2017 01:15
by  Gameinsky

... the comment you're replying to is 6 year old.

comment by  guest:
                         ( o o )
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