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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
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25.06.2010 20:03
by  Neon-J

Looks interesting.
Are we on at the same time? This ASCIImation like, JUST appeared.
25.06.2010 20:05
by  kelleroid

I was doing it for about half an hour.
Then decided to post it.
25.06.2010 20:12
by  Neon-J

Ah, 'kay.

According to ASCIImator it's midnight.
25.06.2010 20:49
by  Gameinsky

Nice !
25.06.2010 21:46
by  kelleroid

Abandoned because of the misunderstanding how the BLU soldiers run up to the sentry from the front,
even tho there is no way to do this in the actual map...stupid modding for videos.
21.11.2010 21:21
by  kelleroid

Hey, so I've decided to redo it.
I have actually planned the whole thing, just need to rewatch the actual trailer.
So, when I find free time, expect this to (re)appear!
07.06.2011 14:31
by  sepehrnoor

Please finish it.
09.06.2011 17:19
by  kelleroid


We'll see. I will see if I'll have actual spare time in a week.
11.06.2011 09:30
by  sepehrnoor

I would be grateful if you finish it, because I LOVE TF2 (even made a ASCIImation about 2fort
gameplay a long while ago).
13.06.2011 10:44
by  kelleroid

I have a re-examination tomorrow, that's why I'm not into animating for a while.

I'm also constantly developing a Game Maker game when I find some time.
14.06.2011 14:28
by  sepehrnoor

Ooh, nice.
I also make a DOOM-like 3d shooter (and I just implemented mouse aiming and Z-axis) on my free time

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