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tag list: random pwnage
04.05.2010 18:29
by  kelleroid

It's out! Party everyone!
04.05.2010 22:07
by  Ratfink

Woo!  I need more Random PWNAGE plox!
05.05.2010 12:06
by  kelleroid

Can you describe how much you like it in proper words? Please?
05.05.2010 12:10
by  Credit

What a small explosion...
05.05.2010 12:11
by  kelleroid

Now a little more dynamic.

Kpedit, oh did you know qpbd needed just to breach the wall, not bring the WEAPONS WAREHOUSE down?
05.05.2010 15:32
by  Ratfink

Okay, more real words this time.

Yay, I'm glad there is more Random PWNAGE now!  Please don't wait as long as you did
before to make another one.
06.05.2010 18:54
by  kelleroid

I'll try. Maybe on weekend.
06.05.2010 18:59
by  kelleroid

Btw, Ratfink, can you write exactly what do you like in the Random PWNAGE series?
Just so I will get more aspiration (not to be confused: inspiration - the idea to do sth, aspiration
- the will and goals to do sth), and you might have a bigger chance to get RP dot three this
weekend. ;p

qpbd needs you!
\p /
/ \
06.05.2010 19:21
by  Ratfink

I really like all the killing of guests, breaking into buildings, and that there's no obvious
reason for qpbd to be doing any of this.
07.05.2010 12:08
by  kelleroid

"no obvious reasons"

Yet. >;)
07.05.2010 13:27
by  Credit

I like how he gets guards by surprise. And how he turns his head around before walking...:shy:
07.05.2010 16:24
by  kelleroid

Now our hero is more vicious.

/ \
09.05.2010 08:25
by  Credit

And victorious...

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