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13.10.2007 01:49
by  Draconis

This one is mine it logged off of me automatically before i finished it
13.10.2007 03:21
by  karaboz

i think it too quick to look with sense (=
13.10.2007 06:47
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

13.10.2007 10:46
by  Flup

Good idea though :)
13.10.2007 16:29
by  Bluesboyjr

This deserves way better than a rating of 3, and whoever rated it that should hang their head in
Hooray for inbred farmers!
13.10.2007 23:16
by  Draconis

update 1 complete

did that help?

oh and i have a suggestion for a new tool in asciimator i title it "limited frame repeat"

what you do is you select a few frames (cannot skip frames) and then you enter a number, that number
is the number to repeat those frames (this one would have been MUCH easier to do with it)
14.10.2007 14:08
by  rtnario

"There is
ALWAYS some random
Farmer or hunter
Out in the middle
of nowhere Packing
A shotgun"

...so...true XDD
14.10.2007 21:41
by  Draconis

For some reason I think that shotguns are Zombie Kryptonite
15.10.2007 02:42
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

To skip frames, use ctrl instead of shift.
Head to frame, repeat, times.
Is that what you mean?
15.10.2007 02:43
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

1.Each zombie is independent. There is no way to command them.
2.Zombies make a moan which attracts other zombies, not BRAAAAIIIINNNSSS.
3.Shotguns aren't Zombie Kryptonite. In order for a kill, you need to go for the brain.
Shotguns will just push them back. The best gun for zombie killing is a (I'm not kidding) .22
rimfire/carbine with silencer. That tiny bullet can effectively pierce a zombie's skull and
bounce around it's brain, killing it.
15.10.2007 21:37
by  Draconis


post 1

never thought of that

Post 2

1. yeah but you ever heard of "Mad Scientists"?


3. HEADSHOT HEADSHOT HEADSHOT!!!!!!!!! especally with a point blank Buckshot but I see your point
15.10.2007 21:38
by  Draconis

Oh and you could use them as a distraction...
15.10.2007 21:44
by  Draconis

another thing about the limited frame repeat,
just select them and then punch in a number the number will be the number of times it repeats

 1   2         1   2       ____________________
 _   _     \   _   _    \ |               ____ |
|_| |_| ----  |_| |_| --- |Enter repeat #|_23_||
           /  Sel Sel   / |____________________|

then the two frames repeat 23 times better?
16.10.2007 04:31
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

@Dreconis 1
If you fire a loud gun, more zombies will appear. If you fire it again...
@Draconis 2
good point.
@Draconis 3
I use repeat when I reach the frame I want. So I don't know much about it.
For a close range weapon, use a machete or a WW1 replica trench spike. A trench spike was designed
to penetrate STEEL HELEMTS when fighting with people in a three-foot wide trench.
12.12.2007 17:11
by  Computergeek93

ooooooookkkk that was weird...
13.12.2007 05:22
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)


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