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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
1. To take/edit the asciimation, click on @ near by to the title,
2. After editing, save it with the "make an open source box CHECKED.
3. Don't make the asciimation looped, don't edit previous frames.
4. Leave these tips in comments of your version of animation.
5. Tag your version with contest:asciimators battle.
6. Try to come up with original content (for example, don't overdo morphing)
7. If you show no sign of completing your part for 5 days straight then anyone can instead make the next part. Do not delay the others.

tag list: contest:asciimators battle
26.11.2014 10:52
by  MyO

Please make notice of the rule number seven.
26.11.2014 12:18
by  Gameinsky

Good initiative but I believe the rule is a bit too harsh. I would reword it this way:

If you show no sign of completing your part for 5 days straight then anyone can instead make the
next part.
26.11.2014 13:15
by  MyO

Thank you for reformulating it. =)
26.11.2014 16:04
by  AweAndWonder

lololol I- er, asie fell asleep! XD  Leave it up to wrongchar man to break the silence!

5 days?  I think it should be 7, as in a full week, so it's easier to follow.  ex. Friday to

...also I'd be the one to legit buy more time.  :P
30.11.2014 03:06
by  CTDSThree


Sorry. I know that you're all probably angry that I put off my bit all of a sudden. I know that
you're all probably angry that I did this twice. I know that you're all probably wanting
me to work harder in a quicker time.

And I don't have any way to show you my ideas because now I can't implement them. Because
now I have to work by yet another DEADLINE. Because now I'm becoming a lazy guy who can't
push himself far enough to get things done, even though I know that I'm going to have fellow
users yelling at me for being so freaking late. And I know that you guys probably don't think
of me as a guy who can do awesome ASCIImations. I know that you guys probably think I'm just
some newb that stumbled upon this site while on the search for some area where I can unleash my
creativity, for others to see. And you know what? You're right!

I have no idea how to make myself better. I only feel that those moments where somebody's like
"Oh, don't worry! Just put on a few more frames this evening and I can go next!" Or,
"This is actually pretty good. I bet if you kept it up, you could eventually make a number on
your profile picture go up by one, and then if it becomes four, you could get a thick golden
underline under your name and then everybody would smile upon you!" would be like an incentive
to me, and I could actually feel happy about that brief moment of success. Pfft. Yeah, right.

I've been annoying enough to most people on here that they actually FEAR me if I happen to say
something directed to them. (I'm talking to you here, ZG.) So I KNOW that none of you would
actually smile upon me if I managed to become so good at typing text to make pictures that I would
get nothing but a gold underline under my username and the "respect" of all other members
that see my name. And the people labeled "guests" have been deprived of commenting, and
they make amazing ASCIImations! You say so yourself!

I didn't think that people would freak out if I called them Snivys from outer space. I just
thought it was funny. But, I was very, very young back then. So in a few years after that, I'm
obviously going to be a few years older than the age when I called ZG a snivy guy! I'd know
better! And yet, you guys still get annoyed at me no matter what I do? I don't know what reason
you gave me karma points for. Probably pity.

No idea where I'm going with this anymore, so I'm just going to go ahead and check out how
the Abstract Challenge is doing! I haven't seen any activity in a while. Maybe I procrastinated
on that, too, and nobody bothered to continue it.
30.11.2014 07:44
by  MyO

You know, you can do quite nice ASCIImations, CTDS -- they are random, but, heh, you once took some
rainbow powder from Ponky. ;)

Try getting a single solid-style character to take part in your segments, instead of a bunch of
randomness all the time, and you'll see how quality gets a nice buff. For example,
sephernoor's character is fond of jetpacks, Asie likes his headgear, Anathema is very huge, and
WRONGCHAR-man is fond of glitches and Cyrillic characters. Why not make yours a summoner than
summons stuff using only letters and symbols from what other people said before you were up? Or use
Abstract Challenge + Earthbound-looking "spells" to attack others? Consistency and
cool-lookingness helps. =)

I usually try to make the whole ASCIImation in a single timespan. If I have at least an hour of free
time (usually more than enough to add at least a few dozen frames), I volunteer, and then do
whatever it is, or however crappy it looks, *AT ONCE AS SOON AS I CALLED IT,* because I know
I'd end up waiting for weeks otherwise. What you see in my ASCIImation is a crapped-up attempt
with a few unfinished ideas. Better some than none. Zeus Guy has a few nice-looking items that were
obviously made in very short timespan: learn from your enemy! ;)

"How in the world do you manage to do so much?" Gallery at ASCII-art (point) de and JavE
editor for drawing lines and big letters.

As for motivation, it's for making people laugh, and trying to never use "lethal"
moves. And to keep people continuing.

By the way, your Abstract Challenge parts are nice! Don't punch your head in, man: punch my
character's in your next quickie part, or show you're the best in the Abstract Challenge.
I'm rooting for you, CTDS.
30.11.2014 13:23
by  Gameinsky

Your ASCIImations are by nowhere means bad.
I would even say they went past the point where they would be considered mediocre.

But that's not what the issue is.
In fact we not even angry or mad that you didn't do anything.
Annoyed and bummed? That yes.

But here's an important thing to consider, and you know it already.
You're not the only one taking part of this, if you notice you completely lack the motivation
to do the next entry just tell us so someone else can do it. Hopefully by that time you will have
motivation again.
What also helps is to make your part as much as possible in one go as motivation rapidly
Everybody started at the bottom. Heck, I would argue that my oldest ASCIImations were worse than
your first ones.
30.11.2014 18:22
by  CTDSThree

@MyO I like Abstract Challenge + Earthbound things. And you're right. I need to volunteer when
I have a good chunk of free time, when I'm not loaded down with homework. Plus, can somebody go
next on the Abstract Challenge? The latest one is mine. And what's the JavE editor?

@GIS My first ones were made in the old ASCIImator 3.0, and it made them look like a giant line of
characters. *nervous laugh* But thanks. :)
03.12.2014 18:37
by  asiekierka

I'm next.
09.12.2014 16:20
by  Gameinsky

"last visited 6 days ago"

11.12.2014 07:15
by  AweAndWonder

This is why I think it should be changed to 
7. If you show no sign of completing your part for 7 days straight then anyone can instead make the
next part. Do not delay the others.
Also, imma tweet asie
11.12.2014 17:35
by  AweAndWonder

Asie said someone else should take it up.  He said that he's busy. 
13.12.2014 01:21
by  CTDSThree

What if my style is randomness? And how do i put sound in json?
16.12.2014 22:31
by  MyO

I'd suggest leaving off the json sound quirk (I never managed to enjoy it anyway) and just go
with randomness.

16.12.2014 22:36
by  MyO

And as for randomness, choose a single stickman, and try to put others into strange situations
instead of glitching everything around. Make a gun out of a piece of flooring. Make a ceiling light
fall down and tuliport the opponent (with a revealing tulip). Pull out a spy knife and eat it,
scaring the opponent into forfeiting. =)
20.12.2014 21:48
by  sepehrnoor

Awwww man, I would so go next. I even have a few ideas, but I'm on vacation and only have my
phone with me. It's a pain to type, let alone asciimate. Plus smartphones hate little buttons.

Oh well, have fun, whoever goes next.

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