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ASCII2GIF converter
v. 1.0 (beta)
made by: LarryInc64 (TheAlex99)
tag list: firework fireworks qpbd
28.03.2012 11:14
by  Gameinsky

interesting, this first seemed to be spam, but then i see why you created 4.
this was a nice concept, but I suggest not to use it too much because ti would spam down
you do get a 4 for originality.
01.04.2012 13:30
by  AweAndWonder

The concept is good and I like the idea.

But it would be better if you made each part longer.  And please use multiple frames.  (The box
underneath each frame window)  Right now, it's difficult to use the player because so many
frames are copy-pasted.  Plus, 89 is an inaccurate number to tell you how long your animation is,
again, because so many frames are copy-pasted.

comment by  guest:
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