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My friend explained me one of kelleroid's jokes.
tag list: ball chasing
27.06.2011 19:46
by  sepehrnoor

Lol what is this ?
27.06.2011 20:17
by  sepehrnoor

Btw I'm working on something which is going to be one of my best ASCII's.
27.06.2011 20:39
by  Gameinsky

this was originally going to include a rapist, a second rapist, a fried chicken, ponky and ratfink.
27.06.2011 22:00
by  kelleroid

What joke I did? Remind please.
28.06.2011 07:14
by  Gameinsky

The 4th Ffruustration joke asfar as I remember
28.06.2011 07:55
by  AweAndWonder

Yep, it's the 4th one.  I might have gotten the joke, but I'm not sure.  Please explain.
28.06.2011 08:04
by  Gameinsky

What my friend says (doesn't mean it's true)
he thought, when girls start chasing boys boys still chase footballs, so my friend said: basicly all
he knew about football was crushed.
28.06.2011 11:30
by  kelleroid

Oh, that one...

In russian chasing the baldie means you know "what"...
28.06.2011 11:57
by  Gameinsky

I don't know "what"
28.06.2011 14:50
by  Gameinsky

oh ok, I get it, can you please delete that comment now ? i'm afraid a 12 year old will come
and say "what is this"
28.06.2011 15:05
by  Zeus guy

I'm eleven.
What is this?
28.06.2011 15:13
by  kelleroid

You better not know.
28.06.2011 20:55
by  sepehrnoor

I SEE what you people did there.
29.06.2011 09:37
by  Zeus guy

Kelleroid: Bad luck, i know it 0_o
29.06.2011 12:20
by  kelleroid

Knowledge is power.
08.12.2011 20:34
by  sepehrnoor

Lol epic quote kelleroid

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                         ( o o )
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