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a modified version of the Michael Jackson Thriller dance involving Kirby
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18.11.2007 00:27
by  Tyr

listen to Michael Jacksons Thriller when watching for a better experience, the animation goes to the
music pretty well. 
please rate honestly.
18.11.2007 04:30
by  ddgc (AFK Forever)

I did.
18.11.2007 05:24
by  cfive

I thought listening to anything by HE/SHE/IT detracted from the experience.
18.11.2007 07:10
by  Tyr

lol, oh and sorry I forgot to make his nose fall off, oh well
18.11.2007 07:24
by  cfive

I thought it alread did. XD
19.11.2007 17:44
by  Dragonphase

hey, i mentioned myself listening to Thriller one time (did you get the idea from the comment?)
20.11.2007 01:37
by  Tyr

I don't remember seeing that comment.

but nah I got the idea because I was in a chat with an internet radio DJ as he was playing music and
me and my friend kept making dancing kirbys in the chat, and well one of the songs the guy played
was thriller hehe
20.11.2007 01:46
by  Tyr

I think this one and my Tomagachi one are my best, I think I might post this on youtube sometime,
with the song playing with it
20.11.2007 01:48
by  Tyr

I may also lengthen it too, I don't know, what do you guys think?
08.01.2018 19:53
by  dl2810

Haha! Brilliant! (Im not british)

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