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tag list: ball bouncing machine
In favorites of: cfive
10.10.2007 13:22
by  Dragonphase

im at school
10.10.2007 13:58
by  Ponky

lol so am i.. ict lesson lol.. but i did some work earlier..
10.10.2007 16:28
by  Dragonphase

yh... off school now...
10.10.2007 16:36
by  Dragonphase

just realised... IM a moderator... thanks so much karabrutto!!! i try my best to make asciimator.net
a better place!
10.10.2007 17:04
by  Dragonphase

I would like to welcome to asciimator, our newest guest, kenGexAncenty
10.10.2007 18:53
by  origamiguy

if DB is a mod, can he make me golden?
10.10.2007 19:14
by  Dragonphase

10.10.2007 19:14
by  Dragonphase

but you have to prove so... you need karma anyway
10.10.2007 19:20
by  Dragonphase

your karma is 0 so far, you will have to treat others with respect as YOU would want to be respected
yourself to get my approval... (to be honest i don't like your attitude, so you had better
improve your respect to others (i am not being horrible or anything, its just what i think))
10.10.2007 22:56
by  Bluesboyjr

So black means both author AND moderator?
10.10.2007 23:39
by  cfive

Already told brutto about it. He already knows.
11.10.2007 08:53
by  Dragonphase

deleted many tags, i'm at school again
11.10.2007 08:53
by  Dragonphase

i mean shit and tags
11.10.2007 08:54
by  Dragonphase

i hav 2 golden lines now
12.10.2007 05:36
by  rtnario

It'd be perfect, at least for me, if they went around the whole rectangle. =D

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