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Here shown are the Kékulé structure of the 20 aminoacids + Selenocysteine and the two Bacterial exclusive proteinogenic aminoacids. And one non-aminoacid. Put together into an animation.
tag list: chemistry
28.02.2016 18:25
by  Ascimator

That looks like a hellton of work.
28.02.2016 19:03
by  Gameinsky

Wasn't too bad, took about 2 hours.
28.02.2016 20:43
by  AweAndWonder

This is ingenious!
29.02.2016 14:54
by  asiekierka

ASCIIeducation! (=
29.02.2016 16:08
by  Gameinsky

I found out that I got one of them wrong, homocysteine is not an aminoacid. Cysteine is though.

I'm too lazy to remove homocysteine so i'll just note it as "not an aminoacid".

I was also missing 3 it seems, I'll correct all these things now.
29.02.2016 16:47
by  Gameinsky

FOr the refernce, and maybe confused people.

Homocysteine is not an aminoacid.
Selenocysteïne is usually omitted from the standard aminoacids (it's considered the 21st).

N-formalmethionine is only used by bacteria.
Pyrrolysine Are only used by methanogen-bacteria and archea.
Neither are aminoacids, but they're considered proteinogenic aminoacids.

I hope this isn't too confusing.
Perhaps I should make a version of this ASCIImation with only the standard 20.
29.02.2016 17:03
by  Gameinsky

I made a separate version that only includes the standard 20 aminoacids, sorry for all the possible
29.02.2016 20:38
by  Ascimator

You majoring in biology?
29.02.2016 20:59
by  Gameinsky

Well, in the process to at least, still in my first year. This is just a really good way of
memorising them, as I need to do that.

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